Organising a corporate event can be both an exciting opportunity and a daunting challenge. Whether you’re aiming to boost employee engagement, embark on a culture change program, celebrate a merger or acquisition, mark significant achievements, launch a new product, or impress clients and suppliers, there are often many concerns and pain points that arise during the planning process. At The Big Fizz, we understand these concerns, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive solution to address all your needs. In this in-depth blog post, we will explore the typical pain points businesses face when organising corporate events and how The Big Fizz Vintage Horse Trailer Mobile Bar and Event Service is the perfect answer for companies in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Rutland.


The Corporate Event Conundrum: Addressing Pain Points

Corporate event planning is riddled with potential pitfalls and challenges, and stress, and its often the organisers job, to do it all, on top of the day job. Whether you are a seasoned event professional or this is your first time, addressing these pain points detailed in this article is crucial to ensuring the success of your event. Here’s how The Big Fizz can be the solution to take the stress away and that you’ve been looking for:


Pain Point 1: Finding the Perfect Venue

Solution: The Big Fizz offers a mobile bar and catering service, meaning we can set up at almost any location you choose. Whether it’s your office parking lot, a scenic outdoor spot, or an unconventional venue, our vintage horse trailer adds charm and character to any setting. You’re no longer limited to traditional event venues. Though you may need an event venue if you don’t have anywhere. Drop us a line and tell us what you are looking for and the type of event you want and if we can recommend somewhere that we know will fit the bill, we will.


Pain Point 2: Creating a Unique and Memorable Atmosphere

Solution: The Big Fizz’s vintage horse trailer is not just a bar; it’s a statement piece that creates a unique and memorable atmosphere. It instantly adds sophistication and elegance to your event, making it stand out from the typical corporate gatherings. It’s a statement piece your guests, employees, clients, suppliers will all love. A great Instagram backdrop topic for those social media gurus.


Pain Point 3: Offering Customised Beverage Options

Solution: We work closely with you to curate a drink menu that aligns perfectly with your event’s goals and theme. Whether you want signature cocktails inspired by your brand, a selection of fine wines, or non-alcoholic choices, we have the expertise to tailor your drink menu to your liking. We can even create themed goodie boxes, indulgent picnic hamper experiences, pancakes and waffles or traditional and quintessentially English cream teas.


Pain Point 4: Managing Event Logistics

Solution: The Big Fizz takes care of everything, from setup to cleanup. You can relax and focus on your event’s objectives while we provide all the necessary equipment, glassware, and experienced staff to ensure a seamless bar service.


Pain Point 5: Boosting Employee Engagement

Solution: Employee engagement is a common concern in the corporate world. The Big Fizz can help you address this issue by creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment where employees can connect over drinks, nibbles and experiences fostering stronger team relationships.


Pain Point 6: Announcing Culture Change Initiatives

Solution: Culture change programs often require symbolic gestures to emphasize the shift. The Big Fizz’s vintage horse trailer mobile bar can be that symbol, representing a fresh start and making the announcement memorable for your employees.


Pain Point 7: Celebrating Mergers and Acquisitions

Solution: Mergers and acquisitions celebrations are significant milestones for companies. The Big Fizz adds a touch of elegance and excitement to such events, making them more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.


Pain Point 8: Marking Success and Milestones

Solution: Success celebrations, whether it’s hitting a milestone, achieving sales targets, or marking company anniversaries, are important for team morale. The Big Fizz can help create a festive atmosphere that makes these moments even more special.


Pain Point 9: Hosting Impressive Product Launches

Solution: Launching a new product is a momentous occasion. Our mobile bar service can impress your clients, suppliers, and employees, creating a positive and memorable experience that reinforces your brand’s commitment to excellence.


Pain Point 10: Showcasing Your Company’s Brand and Values

Solution: The Big Fizz can be customised to reflect your company’s brand and values. We can create a bar setup and experience that aligns perfectly with your company’s identity, and event purpose, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and employees and embedding a memorable experience.


Why Choose The Big Fizz for Your Corporate Event Needs

Versatility: Our beautifully restored and converted vintage horse trailer mobile bar is versatile and can adapt to various event sizes and styles, making it suitable for a wide range of corporate gatherings. We can provide an indoor or additional table style bar if needed too.

Experienced Team: Our skilled bartenders and event staff are experts in providing exceptional service, ensuring your guests have a fantastic time.

Customisation: We work closely with you to tailor our services to your event’s specific requirements, ensuring a seamless fit.

Catering: We can provide unusual and tailored catering experiences, from picnics, to grazing plates and platters, to waffles, paninis, pancakes, and cream teas.

Convenience: We handle all the logistics, from setup to clean-up, so you can focus on enjoying your event without any stress.

Geographic Reach: Proudly serving businesses in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Rutland, The Big Fizz can bring our mobile bar and event services to your doorstep.


In Conclusion: The Big Fizz Vintage Horse Trailer Mobile Bar and Event Service offers a unique and comprehensive solution to address the pain points and challenges commonly faced when organising corporate events. Whether you’re looking to boost employee engagement, announce culture change initiatives, celebrate milestones, mark mergers and acquisitions, launch new products, or impress clients and suppliers, The Big Fizz is your partner in creating memorable and successful corporate gatherings.


Don’t miss the opportunity to make your next corporate event unforgettable. Visit to learn more about our services and get started on planning a memorable event that leaves a lasting impression on your employees, clients, and partners. Cheers to your continued corporate success!