Planning Your Dream Individual Wedding Celebration: Your FAQs Answered with The Big Fizz

Sep 28, 2023

Planning Your Dream Individual and Independent Wedding Celebration: Your FAQs Answered with The Big Fizz

Planning an individual, or often described as ‘independent’ wedding celebration is an exciting journey filled with dreams, ideas, and, of course, questions. At The Big Fizz, we understand that brides and grooms,  often have concerns about creating a unique, enjoyable and memorable event. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to address the most common questions and concerns surrounding independent wedding celebrations and how our vintage horse trailer mobile bar and event service can make your special day extraordinary. After reading the below and you feel you want more info in how to plan your unique and wonderful event, email and ask us to send you our Guide for Brides or Grooms.  


Q1: What Is an Independent Wedding Celebration?

An independent wedding celebration, also known as an alternative or non-traditional wedding, allows couples to break free from traditional norms and create a personalised, distinctive, unique and meaningful wedding experience. It’s a celebration that reflects your unique love story and values, and is most often held in unconventional or private venues or settings


Q2: Can I Have a Memorable Wedding Celebration
Without a Traditional Venue?

Absolutely! In fact, opting for a non-traditional venue can add charm and character to your celebration. Our beautifully restored and converted vintage horse trailer mobile bar can be set up almost anywhere, whether it’s in a picturesque garden, by the beach, or at your family’s garden or estate or private hire venue. The versatility of our bar and event service complements various settings, ensuring your celebration is both enjoyable for all and highly memorable. We do cater for indoor bar solutions too if there is no room for our vintage trailer outdoors or you are just worried about the great British weather.

Q4: What Makes The Big Fizz Different from
Traditional Wedding Catering?

Unlike traditional catering services, The Big Fizz offers a unique and eye-catching addition to your celebration. Our beautiful vintage horse trailer adds a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to your event, creating a sophisticated feel and experience, and a memorable atmosphere that you and your guests will love. We focus on providing a premium bar and catering experience, making your celebration feel exclusive and tailored to your preferences. 

We can also provide picnic hampers, charcuterie pots, grazing plates and sharing platters, cream teas, sweet and savoury waffles, paninis, crepes and pancakes. 


Q5: Can I Customise the Bar Experience for My Guests?

Absolutely! We understand that every couple has their own style and preferences. That’s why we work closely with you to create a drink menu that reflects your tastes and complements your wedding theme. Whether it’s a signature cocktail named after you and your partner or a selection of drinks that hold sentimental value, or that is just simply fun and entertaining, we’re here to make it happen.

Q6: Do You Handle All the Logistics?

Yes, we do! The Big Fizz takes care of everything, from the setup to the clean-up. We provide all the necessary equipment, glassware, and staff, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your guests. You can focus on enjoying your celebration and event, while we handle the bar service and any catering agreed, with professionalism, friendliness and flair.

Q7: How Do I Get Started with The Big Fizz for My Independent
Wedding Celebration?

Getting started with The Big Fizz is easy. Simply explore our services, view our packages, talk to us, if time allows, so we can get a better understanding of what you’d like and request a quote. Our team is dedicated to making your independent wedding celebration a unique and unforgettable experience, and we’re here to answer any additional questions you may have. 

We are reassuringly expensive, but well within affordability for discerning individuals who want the best in life, with warm, intimate and individual experiences.  Life has a few important moments that matter, let us help you ensure your life moment and event is done just how you’d like it. 


In conclusion, planning an individual, personal and independent wedding celebration opens the door to creativity and limitless personalisation, and The Big Fizz is here to help you make your dreams come true. Our beautiful clotted cream and black, oak lined, vintage horse trailer, mobile bar and event service add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your special day, ensuring it’s a celebration you and your guests will cherish forever.

Contact us today and let’s start creating your individual and dream wedding celebration together!